Personal Wipe StayDry Soft Pack Aloe / Vitamin E Scented

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Effective sanitary cleansing wipe featuring a hypoallergenic alcohol-free and rinse-free formula --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Made with Aloe and vitamin E * Pre-moistened, soft, nonwoven fabric * Helps prevent diaper rash * Snap lid for easy dispensing * Latex-free
$7.99 - $29.99

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StayDry® Disposable Washcloths with Aloe are Soft, Strong, Hypoallergenic wipes with aloe and vitamin E to gently cleanse and refresh skin, leaving it soft and clean. Made with strong, but gentle to the touch 2-ply, textured material, these wipes have the stretch and strength to avoid tearing. Dermatologist-tested, hyposensitive, gentle cleansing solution suitable for all-over body use on all adult skin types. Hypoallergenic, pleasantly fragranced aloe and vitamin E formula leaves skin soft and nourished after frequent cleansing. Formulated as an ideal cleansing solution to avoid common skin irritations such as diaper rash. Soft pack design with a snap lid for convenient every day and on-the-go use with lasting freshness. Lid design stays open to easily dispense wipes and allows one-handed application for convenience and minimized risks of cross-contamination. Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex.