Maintaining a Happy Life  

By Steve P.

My incontinence story starts about 3 years ago, when I was only 62 or 63 years young. I live in a split-level house with 3 bathrooms. One bathroom is downstairs and two are upstairs. For years this was not a problem as it was only seven steps to climb or go down to get to a bathroom, and hold things, this I could do! At this point I should point out I am not a little fellow, unless of course you consider 400lbs a lightweight. Well, when you combine my advancing years, failing knees, and my gravitationally challenged heaviness, I found myself not able to get to the bathroom fast enough anymore. 

It started as a need to change underwear several times a day, with my wife not complaining too much about the extra laundry. But the changes added up, and she was giving me hell and telling me I better buy more underwear or start doing my own darn laundry! I went with the more underwear solution. This worked ok for a time but then things got worse. I began to dribble on the floor some while on my way to the bathroom. I was not happy with this. And my wife, well let's just say, she was NOT having it. So she immediately ordered me LivDry Protective Underwear in the 3XL size. TYE Medical seems to be the only company to make Protective Underwear in a 3XL size that will fit my Fat you know what! At first, I told my wife I wasn't going to wear those things, it was embarrassing! But she quickly made me reconsider that opinion! 

I put on a pair of TYE Medical, LivDry, 3XL Protective Underwear and found out they were comfortable, strong, and felt just like cotton underwear. Now my trips to the bathroom are no longer a race I couldn't win! My leaking no longer leaves a wet trail on the floor, changing underwear 3 and 4 times a day and all that extra laundry is no more. I wish I had started to wear my LivDry Protective Underwear when my problem first started. Best of all, my wife is happy, and as they say, happy wife, happy life! Thanks, LivDry!

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