LivDry has saved my life!!!

By Brenda S., 67

My life changed three years ago when I had a very severe Urinary Tract Iinfection that lead to sepsis and almost died. After that I started just leaking urine a little and had to use a light pad for protection. Then just one month later I developed another UTI, so my doctor tried several different medications to help ease my overactive urinating. Unfortunately, the meds were not effective and instead it just became worse. That’s when I started using incontinence products full-time. 

At first I was very self-conscious that people could tell I was wearing them. I was so humiliated I started buying long tops to cover my bottom. Then it got even worse, and I was changing my incontinence products approximately 10 times a day. So I made an appointment with my urologist, and he did a cystoscope, which is where they look at the inside of your bladder using a small camera. Even though I had urinated just before the procedure, the urologist still found 28 cc’s of urine in left my bladder. He felt as if I may benefit from the insertion of an Interstem, which is a small device placed under the skin that helps regulate the nerve to the bladder to stop it from urinating so frequently. Basically, it would try to stop my body from needing to go so often, so instead I could go less frequently but more efficiently.

Thankfully, it worked for approximately five years, which was the life of the battery. But I was so afraid of having an accident when I went out somewhere I would still wear some kind of light protective wear. Once it wore out, a new Interstem was placed under my skin once again, but unfortunately it didn’t work as well as the last one, so I was back to wearing protective underwear again. When incontinence products don't absorb liquid fast or fully enough, the urine left  wet against your body can cause skin irritation and UTIs. Last year I had so many UTIs that I was in the hospital for a total of one hundred and forty two days, and almost died twice. I have tried numerous brands of incontinence protection and to no avail. I had frequent accidents and was not pleased at all with most of the products I had been using. 

I saw an ad for LivDry and thought, no harm in trying one more product, so I ordered a sample and to my surprise - no accidents! They are the best product on the market for incontinence problems and I wouldn’t use anything else. I get a monthly supply automatically delivered to me once a month and I feel confident when I leave my home that there will be no accidents. I’m having a new Interstem placed in six days and the doctor said he can’t guarantee that it will stop the incontinence, so I will keep using my LivDry for my protection. I hope this will convince at least one person to try LivDry.

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