1. What is the Two-Piece System?

Instead of throwing out your brief or Protective Underwear every time you change, our Two-Piece System allows you to change only the insert pad, which costs much less. This practical system means you can change your pad multiple times each day while only changing your brief or Protective Underwear once. This method is both convenient and kinder to your budget! It’s also more environmentally friendly, because it creates less waste. 

2. Why are your incontinence products so expensive?

We sell only high-quality products that result in fewer leaks and fewer changes. Our line of products offers the best of both worlds – the highest level of protection against leaks and the most comfortable fit. We invest in high-quality materials and technology to bring out customers premium comfort and security. While our incontinence products aren’t your lowest-price choice, they are the most cost-effective. Why? You use fewer products, which is especially true when using our Two-Piece System.

3. What features make your products “premium”?

Naturally, our Two-Piece System is a premium feature. But our incontinence solutions offer other benefits like a Super Absorbent Gel Core and a cloth-like feel. No one wants a “plasticky” or “diaper” feel when wearing incontinence underwear. Additionally, our Protective Underwear, Premium Briefs, and Shaped Pads all feature Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs for further leak protection.

4. What is the difference between Protective Underwear and Premium Briefs?

The difference between our Protective Underwear and Premium Briefs is primarily a matter of preference. Both incontinence products offer high absorbency levels, with Premium Briefs holding up to 50 ounces, and Protective Underwear up to 90 ounces. Both are designed to work with our Two-Piece System and include our other premium features (Super Absorbent Gel Core, cloth-like feel, Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs).

However, our Protective Underwear pulls on and off just like regular underwear. They feature tear-away sides and cloth-like stretch panels for ease of use. Because this product doesn’t offer an adjustable fit, there are more sizing options.

Our Premium Briefs employ the “hook and loop” tape design. Two sets of side tabs provide a secure, custom fit, giving you peace of mind and further leak protection.

5. Are your incontinence products for men or women?

Most of our products are designed for both men and women. This is due to inclusive product design and the Super Absorbent Gel Core found in our Protective Underwear, Premium Briefs, and Shaped Pads. You get full protection from front to back, making them ideal products for both genders.

6. Why do I need Premium Briefs AND Shaped Pads?

First, please refer to question #1 above for a brief description of our Two-Piece System for incontinence underwear and pads. Our Protective Underwear and Premium Briefs include their own Super Absorbent Gel Core for maximum leak protection, but these products are designed for use with our Two-Piece System. Any of our products can be used on their own, but they’re such high-quality products, that it’s best to change the Shaped Pad only and get more use out of the Brief or Protective Underwear. This saves you both time and money!

7. How do I select the right size product?

Before purchasing our incontinence underwear, you’ll need to know your waist size. Place a tape measure at the top of your hip bone and wrap the tape all the way around to the other side of your body, level with your belly button. Be sure not to hold the tape too tightly or too loosely.

Each of the product pages on our website include a sizing chart with waist sizes in inches that correspond to a product size. You want the size closest to your waist measurements, and it’s best not to purchase a size bigger than you need. You’ll want a snug but comfortable fit for the most leak protection.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team at (252) 265-5132. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents will be happy to assist you in finding the product that is right for you.

8. What are the smallest and largest sizes you carry?

  • Premium Briefs fit 20-56” waists
  • Protective Underwear fit 26-92” waists

9. Do you offer FREE SHIPPING or AUTOSHIP options?

Yes to both! You get free shipping for all orders. If you enjoy the convenience of Autoship, you can choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly shipping options on all our products.

10. Which bladder incontinence product provides the best custom fit?

Our Premium Briefs will give you the most custom fit, because this product uses the hook and loop design for securing the briefs. Two sets of side tabs allow you to adjust the fit for optimum leak protection. If you’re uncertain about sizing or the proper fit for your body shape, consider our Premium Briefs.

11. Do you sell incontinence accessories or other products?

Yes! We have a variety of incontinence accessories available:

We also offer disposable face masks, manufactured right here in the USA! Don't see what you were hoping for? We are always looking for new ways to better serve our customers, please contact us to make a product suggestion. 

12. Can I try a product before I buy it?

Yes, we are happy to provide interested parties with free samples of our incontinence products. You’ll only need to pay a flat rate $1.99 shipping fee, and there’s a limit of 1 sample pack per household (up to 4 products included). If you are interested in trying out one or more of our products, please send us an email at info@tyemedical.com and our Customer Care Team will be happy to get you started.

13. What do you recommend for people who have sensitive skin and must wear incontinence underwear or pads throughout the day and night?

After switching to our incontinence underwear and pads, you should notice some improvement in your skin, because our products have the highest levels of absorbency and are designed to pull moisture away from your skin and quickly lock it away, leaving a dry top sheet against your skin.

However, skin sensitivity can still be problematic for anyone who wears incontinence products. We recommend and sell Formula 2 Skin Care Cream, which acts as both a moisture barrier and a moisturizer for your skin. Whether your skin is cracked, dry, or irritated, this cream will help ease your symptoms anywhere from head to toe.

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