TYE Medical's Rest Easy Promise

TYE Medical is firmly committed to providing the best quality products to our customers. We have extensive Quality Assurance processes in place to prevent any defective or malformed products from ever reaching our customers. 

Despite our best efforts, it is inevitable that on rare occasion a defective product will slip past us and wind up in the hands of a customer. That's why we offer a limited manufacturer warranty, the Rest Easy Warranty. If you have purchased a LivDry product you believe to be defective or otherwise malformed, please contact us immediately. Under the Rest Easy Warranty, we are happy to provide replacements for any defective product, free of charge.

Rest Easy Warranty Coverage Details

The Rest Easy Warranty is non-transferable. Secondhand items, including those purchased through websites such as Ebay or Craiglist, are not covered by our Rest Easy Warranty, and thereby not eligible for replacement.

Additionally, there are unscrupulous sellers out there who are selling counterfeit or grey market products. If you purchase LivDry products from them, you are taking a risk, because these products may be counterfeit, opened, or defective. Any product purchased from one of these sellers is not eligible for replacement under the Rest Easy Warranty.

At this time, TYE Medical is the only authorized seller of LivDry brand items. If you purchase a LivDry product from an unauthorized seller, your Rest Easy Warranty will not be valid, regardless of the advertised condition of the product.

Please protect yourself or your loved one by taking care to only purchase LivDry products from TYE Medical. 

TYE Medical Authorized Marketplaces

We currently sell LivDry brand items on our website, our Amazon account, our Walmart.com account, KCK Medical, and DripArmor. You may also see our products advertised on Google or Facebook, in which case you will be directed to this website for checkout.  

Spotting Unauthorized Sellers

Even on reputable marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart, there may be unscrupulous sellers presenting our products as their own. Here are some guidelines on how to check whether or not the product you are looking at is sold by TYE Medical. 


Check the righthand side of the listing, below the "Add to Cart" button. There, it should always say "Sold by: TYE Medical." It should also say either "Ships from: TYE Medical" or "Ships from: Amazon," and both are fine.



Check lower half of the the listing, below the "Add to Cart" button. There, it should always say "Sold & shipped by TYE Medical." 


The Following Online Companies Are Not Authorized to Sell LivDry Products (This List Is Not Exhaustive):

6 Hands LLC
A/B Retail
AMB Worldwide
Amazon Astronauts LLC
BAKG Value Capital LLC,.
Beast Communications LLC
Boeckle Ecom LLC
David's direct discount deals llc
Deem and Dunya Goods
Direct Blade LLC
Discount Kingz
Dogwood Group
Elite Springs, LLC
Exceptional Ads
First Class Holdings LLC
GNG Essential, Inc.
Good People Consulting LLC
Goods N aBox LLC
Greenworld Online
Home Goods Unlimited Marketplace
J. Investors Association Inc
JPG Ventures LLC
Love wins55
MDK Equities
Mason Jar's & Beyond
Morris Family Enterprises, LLC
Ozzie Supplys LLC
Pacific Capital Goods
Pacific Capital Goods
Pharaohify LLC
Pine Ridge Capital, LLC
PureIce Commerce LLC
Quality Online 'Shop LLC
RHS Works LLCa
Real Deals And Steals LLC++
SKJ Global
Sanroqui Investments, LLC
Scott's Marketplace LLC
Shopology LLC
Sin City Home Goods LLC
Snap Convenience
Sofia's Goods
Superstorehouse LLC
T Commerce LLC
Terence Pet Products
The Discount shop by Reycor LLC
Vestor Solutions, LLC
Villaguz IP LLC
Worpell Enterprises Corp.


Please do your best to refrain from purchasing LivDry products from these companies. They often obtain our products through duplicitous means, and some may even be counterfeit. It is our policy to honor the Rest Easy Warranty and replace defective products only if they were purchased new from TYE Medical on one of our authorized marketplaces. If you have purchased a LivDry product from one of these other companies and there is something wrong with it, it will not be covered by the Rest Easy Warranty. 


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