Our Mission

Inspiring a healthier life for everyone, everyday.

It takes collaboration of great minds, a great passion and great brand to successfully foster our global mission to empower the over 33 million Americans suffering from urinary incontinence and the many challenges it can bring to make a smart product choice as their incontinence solution. We are honored to showcase our product and to continuously raise the standards of our customer experience, improve the quality of their life and Empower their Health.

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Who We Are


Industry Pioneers

We are part of a multi-national organization in the industry for more than 50 years and are very serious about Quality. As one of the earliest pioneers of Adult Incontinence Products we set a standard of unique innovation as a result of the evolution of our products.


Future Focused

Our Corporate Philosophy encompasses Future Development based on a Long-Term Vision and Infinite Transformations, we continue to evolve dynamically assuring our products will Improve Health and Overall Quality of Life.


Quality Incontinence Products

LivDry® is the Top Choice for Premium Incontinence Solutions – Providing High Quality Premium Adult Incontinence Product Solutions so you can Empower your Health, Feel Better. Live Better.