Two Piece Incontinence System

Two Piece Incontinence System was initially developed in Europe and Japan where adult incontinence care solutions are very advanced.

This system consists of a pad and either Protective UnderwearPremium Briefs or Net Pants. It works by changing the pad.

Features of the 2 Piece System
Benefits for Residents & Caregivers

Benefits for Caregivers

Less Diaper Changes

  • LivDry incontinence products are more absorbent than other products which equals less diaper changes.
  • LivDry incontinence products have leakage barriers that prevent leaks and eliminate bed wetting.

Less Time Per Change

  • With the LivDry 2 piece incontinence system, only the pad is changed which reduces the time per change.

Prevent Skin Irritation

  • LivDry incontinence products have 3 key characteristics to prevent skin irritation.
  • Super Absorbent Pad (pulls liquid away from skin fast)
  • Ultra-Soft Top Sheet (area that touches skin)
  • Breathable Outer Cover (reduces moisture on skin)

Less Waste

  • With the LivDry 2 piece incontinence system, fewer Briefs are used resulting in less waste.
  • Some states and/or counties require diapers waste to be treated as bio hazard waste where
    you have to pay to dispose. In this case, less waste means less cost to dispose.

No Change at Night

  • LivDry Overnight/Super types have greater absorbency for all night protection, which give
    the user a good night sleep. This will reduce the workload of the caregiver.

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