Two Piece Incontinence System

Two Piece Incontinence System was initially developed in Europe and Japan where adult incontinence care solutions were pioneered and are generally still considered to be very advanced.

This system consists of a Shaped Pad and either Protective Underwear, Premium Briefs or Net Pants. It works by changing only the pad, while continuing to wear the outer layer of your choice (Briefs, etc).

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How It Works

With the Two-Piece system, you need two parts: a Shaped Pad insert, and an Outer Layer of your choice.

Shaped Pad Inserts

  • LivDry Shaped Pad inserts are highly absorbent (up to 95 ounces!), rivaling and exceeding the absorption capacity of most protective underwear and briefs on the market today.
  • Unlike traditional passthrough Booster Pads, LivDry Shaped Pads have a non-passthrough plastic backsheet, so your outer layer will stay dry even when the pad gets full.
  • Shaped Pads, like our other incontinence products, have high leakage barrier leg cuffs with liquid-repelling properties, keeping liquid contained in the pad.
  • We have 6 varieties available, of varying size and absorbency. Want more info? Check them out!

Outer Layer

  • We recommend using our Premium Briefs or Protective Underwear, but Net Pants are also a popular option, and some customers even use plastic pants or their regular underwear!
  • Due to the premium protection from our Shaped Pads, your Outer Layer should not get soiled throughout the day.
  • When the pad fills up, simply remove it from the Outer Layer, and replace it.
  • You can wear just one Outer Layer all day long.

By pairing a Shaped Pad with an Outer Layer, individuals and caregivers can take advantage of the following benefits!

Less Time Per Change

  • With the LivDry two-piece incontinence system, only the pad is changed.
  • Instead of having to undress and replace your Outer Layer, you only need to switch out the lining Shaped Pad insert.
  • This reduces time and effort spent on changes.

Less Waste

  • With the LivDry two-piece incontinence system, fewer Outer Layers are used resulting in less waste.
  • Some states and/or counties require diapers waste to be treated as biohazard waste, which you must pay to dispose of. In this case, less waste means less cost for disposal.

Less Expensive

  • Typically, premium Outer Layers are going to be more expensive than Shaped Pads, due to greater material and manufacturing costs.
  • This means that by using only one Outer Layer per day, and switching out the less expensive Shaped Pad, you get the same protection and absorbency, but for less money.
  • In addition, some customers are so confident in their Shaped Pad’s protection, they opt to use cheaper and less absorbent Outer Layers with it, saving them even more money.

Overall, the Two-Piece system is a proven method for getting the protection you need while saving time, waste, and money. Want to try it for yourself?