Support Eases the Journey  

By Gigi H.

My bladder problem started a few years back when I was just 39. Without getting into specifics, my stomach basically exploded. The incontinence came a few months later when surgeons were finally able to open me up to begin repairing the damage and removing intestines. In the process, my bladder was removed for a while as well. Afterwards they left me in a nightmare situation. All of a sudden, I have virtually no control over my bladder, and I was afraid to even leave the house. 

For a while, I became a prisoner of my own reality. Trapped by circumstances out of my control, feeling hopeless and helpless. I knew that I could not continue to live like that. I'm young and still very active. I was still the same person, still loved to be outdoors, traveling, loving life each day to the fullest. Something had to give. I know that what happened to me isn't something that could be undone, so it became a matter of accepting as gracefully as possible, that we were in a new reality. I needed to find products that would enable me to rejoin the world and live my life.

Through trial and error we found a system that worked. I didn't discover this amazing product until recently, but it is by far one of the best available on the market. Having family and friends who support you, as well as knowledgeable folks to assist, has made this journey much easier to bear. If you or a loved one is in a similar situation, don't be afraid to talk to someone, go ahead and live your best life. And contact the good folks at TYE Medical!

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