28 and Back in Diapers

By Josh P., 28

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes some years ago (I was 11 at the time) and was nervous. I spent many years being afraid of what was going to happen to me, but nothing seemed to take effect besides the usual things that come with having diabetes. At least until roughly 2 years ago. At age 26 I noticed that I was beginning to have occasional spurts of needing the bathroom to urinate many times within very short intervals. At first I had written this off as drinking too much, or maybe just having a high blood sugar spike or something, and didn't become too concerned. Within a month though I had noticed another change: I started to wet the bed. At first it was only on occasion, but quickly escalated into daily bedwetting. Not wanting to alarm anyone, I just started to wear adult diapers to bed and that seemed to manage my issue. 

One day while I was out at a store buying incontinence products for my bedwetting issue, I had the sudden urge to urinate. It was much more powerful than ever before and then, to my surprise, it stopped as quickly as it began. Not really giving it much thought, I went to the counter to make my purchase. At the counter I used the usual "this is for my grandma" spiel. Unfortunately, incontinence is still widely thought of as being an "old person problem," and a punchline, so in-store purchases are always an opportunity for awkwardness. Only this time the only thing the lady said was "ummm... sir?" and sort of nodded towards my pants. They were completely soaked in the front and down the leg. I have never been that embarrassed in all my life. I quickly went home and got changed. From then on I figured it was time to start wearing diapers during the day too. 

I still didn't go to a doctor for a while because I thought all of this would pass. It did not, so I eventually ended up seeking care with a urologist. I was diagnosed with urge incontinence and an overactive bladder. It was discussed that it was very likely that it was secondary to (caused by) my type 1 diabetes. A couple options were given to me. They were pills or trying a timed voiding schedule. I don't care much for pills, so I opted to try a voiding schedule. Long story short it did not work. I ended up talking to my urologist and she again recommend pills. I still did not take them because I don't like creating external chemical dependencies, and they don't have high success rates anyway. Also, the side effects included a dry mouth which seemed counterproductive. Thus, I now have to wear a diaper at all times. I am still hiding my issue from my family and friends and hoping they don't find out because I worry they will think less of me.

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