Pamela L., Confident and Secure

Confident and Secure  

By Pamela L.

I was 68 years old when it suddenly hit me: "I need some type of incontinence product." At that time, I was going through a rough patch. My rapidly aging mother was sick, my husband wasn't doing well, and my daughter was having personal problems. My stress level and extremely hectic schedule was wreaking havoc with my 'need' to STAY DRY. I had had a few accidents, but luckily I was home at the time. Now I knew something about adult diapers, I am a nurse. Many of my patients wore them. However, they were large and bulky and were put on very much like 'baby' diapers with sticky tabs securing the diaper in the front. They were impossible to put on yourself, especially in a standing position. I had to have something for an active lifestyle. I now had a mission. 

I scoured the stores and tried one by one, every brand that appeared to have promise. I was disappointed time and again. None of the store-bought brands had staying power. By this time, I had discovered pull-ups and never looked back. With aging and an overactive bladder being my issues, I was desperate to find an answer. I didn't want to take more meds, that was not a solution for me. Now, we women have an edge over men. We adapt better to wearing "diapers." I am sure that that is due to the many years of having to wear something for our menstrual periods. That being said, I still had to find "the perfect pull up for me". Now it was the internet's turn. There were quite a few choices that could not be found in stores. 

Once again I became the "diaper detective". Most of them were very good to excellent and I quickly found my favorites, LivDry being one of them. I must be honest and tell anyone just starting out that Really Good, absorbent, comfortable and long lasting pull-ups are more expensive. On the other end of the spectrum, because of the benefits I have just mentioned, you use fewer and they last longer. I opted for the internet brands, though every now and then I will fill in with the store versions. That is when I will be home all day, and don’t mind changing often. I have accepted the fact that I will be wearing adult pull-ups for the rest of my life, and I feel confident, secure and ready for just about anything... and they are great for overnight too.