Susan P., Life is Easier Now

Life is Easier Now  

By Susan P.

I started to have problems with bladder control when I was about 70 years old. I attributed it to having four children and being somewhat overweight. At first, I could go with just pads in my underwear. As the years went by (I’m 90 now) it became worse, and I had to go to the pull up “underwear.” My daughter would purchase a large box of the generic brand, from a big box store. They seemed to work ok at first. But sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to change my “underwear.” I also had many embarrassing moments, when I would get up from sitting and my pants would be visibly wet from the outside. I would tie my sweater or jacket around my waist, until I could get home to change my pants. I always carried an extra pair of “underwear” in my purse, anytime I went out. But it was very hard to change them in a public restroom. 

My daughter started buying name brand incontinence underwear, at a higher price and they worked for a while. But as time marched on, I was again plagued by more embarrassing and uncomfortable leakage and wet pants. I tended to stay home more often, rather then risk being seen out in public like that. My daughter knew I was having this problem and she started looking for a better solution to handle my incontinence needs. After researching and trying many different brands, she came across an article of the Best Adult Diapers of 2023. She came across the name LivDry Protective Underwear, provided by TYE Medical. We watched the informative video together, and it highlighted all the pluses of LivDry. The super absorbent gel core and the special barrier cuffs to prevent leakage were really impressive. So, we thought we’d give them a try, even though they were a little higher in cost. 

When my shipment arrived, they were really made well and really soft and comfortable. I slept all night for the first time in a long time and woke up without a wet spot in my bed. I was also able to go out in public and not have to worry about any embarrassing leakage. After all the different brands we tried, LivDry is the only brand I will buy, it is far superior to the others. I also like the subscription service available. I have a standing order delivered right to my home, so I don’t have to remember to order or run out to the store. It’s so convenient! Thank goodness for finding LivDry, it’s made my life so much easier now.