10 Secrets to Buying the Right Incontinence Products

Written by tyemedical on Apr 6th 2020

10 Secrets to Buying the Right Incontinence Products

We’ve made incontinence products our business (quite literally) and have learned what it takes to make premium incontinence underwear, pads, and briefs that go to work for you. All biases aside (well, probably not “all,” but we’re trying), here’s what to look for when you’re scouring the store shelves or internet for products that keep you dry and comfortable. After all, you’re well-being matters, and you shouldn’t have to live with the discomfort and insecurity that the wrong purchase brings.

Size Chart Example1. Size Matters

When you find a company that offers a variety of sizes with a detailed size guide, you’re on the right track. If you don’t get the right fit, nothing else really matters. Highly absorbent, soft material means nothing if you’re frequently battling leaks. Even incontinence pads should come in various lengths and widths to ensure you get the protection you need.

Most companies base their size charts on waist or hip measurements. Our LivDry incontinence underwear and premium briefs rely on waist size to get the best fit. Determine your waist size by wrapping a tape measure around your torso from the top of one hip bone to the other. Be sure to keep the tape level with your belly button and hold it snugly but not tightly. This will give you an accurate waist measurement for purchasing incontinence underwear and other products.

2. It’s All About Absorbency

Not only do you want a custom fit, but you also want the right absorption level. Absorbency is measured in ounces (usually) and refers to how much liquid a product can hold without leaking through. Absorbency levels range from light to heavy or overnight. But first, it helps to have a point of reference.

The average, healthy bladder holds about 12-16 ounces of fluid during the day and about 32 ounces at night. In a single day, the average person who drinks the recommended 64 ounces of liquid a day passes about 27-67 ounces of urine. But many folks drink more fluids throughout the day and have varying degrees of bladder control, which means you may need more protection, especially if you’re not able to change frequently enough.

It’s important to understand the absorbency level that’s right for you throughout the day and night. Look for brands that offer easy to understand options. For instance, our products are coded as Day, Night, Night+, Night ++, and Night +++, all of which correspond to the ounces of liquid absorbed. Even our Ultra-Thin Pads are clearly labeled with absorbency levels from very light to maximum.

LivDry Premium Protective Underwear3. You Want Security

Nobody wants embarrassing leaks. You can’t always predict how much protection you’ll need or when you’ll be delayed before the next change. Additionally, you’re not always positioned in a posture-perfect upright position. Many of us lean to one side or the other, sit forward, or recline at various time of the day. It’s important to have protection for all situations.

Look for some type of leakage barrier, like ourLeakage Barrier Leg Cuff. It helps to catch runaway leaks on each side to ensure that you’ve got all around protection.

4. To Tab or Tear, That’s the Question

If you’re new to this, you might not realize you have style decisions to make. One option is pull-on protective underwear that act like regular underwear when you put them on. The different is in how you take them off. The sides tear away allowing you to easily remove and dispose of the soiled garment.

You can also try briefs (a.k.a. adult diapers) that secure the product to your body using tab fasteners. The advantage is that you can easily adjust the fit by tightening or loosening the tabs. Our Premium Briefs provide a “hook and loop” tape design that uses two sets of tabs to provide a custom, secure fit.

It’s best to find a company that offers both options, because your needs are often flexible. Different situations and times of day might call for different types of incontinence products.

5. How Does ItFeel?

Nobody wants a stiff, plasticky undergarment that makes you feel like you’re wearing an actual diaper. Additionally, these types of incontinence products often use latex, which frequently irritates skin or causes allergic reactions.

Instead, look for incontinence underwear and briefs that have a cloth-like feel. These undergarments are more comfortable and breathable. For example, premium products, like our LivDry incontinence underwear (Protective Underwear), are made with cloth-like stretch panels that provide a more comfortable fit as they contour to your body.

6. Think Moisture Wicking

If you’ve purchased workout clothes lately or shopped the men’s department in the summertime, then you know moisture-wicking clothing is popular. People love it, because the clothing includes fabrics that pull moisture away from the skin. Tiny capillaries draw moisture to the exterior of the fabric, allowing it to evaporate naturally instead of soaking through the material.

Premium incontinence products use this same technology in their incontinence underwear, briefs, and pads. Our LivDry products include a Super Absorbent Gel Core that wicks moisture away from your skin, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable for much longer.

7. Say No to Odors

It’s important to use incontinence products that keep moisture from your skin, but it’s also critical that your undergarments eliminate embarrassing odors. You don’t want to advertise your medical condition by emitting unpleasant smells. Many top brands produce products with odor control features but not all of them are equally effective.

You need absorbency and odor elimination features that are proportionate to each other, and it’s hard to know this from a product description. For instance, a product might boast a high absorption level, but its odor control technology might remain effective for only a fraction of its liquid-holding capability.

You might have to try a few brands to find both the absorption level and odor control that’s right for you. We recommend you start with our LivDry incontinence underwear or briefs, because the same Super Absorbent Gel Core that quickly wicks away moisture, also locks it away to prevent odors. (We’d tell you how it works, but then we’d have to kill you.)

Two friends walking in an urban environment8. Barely There

You also want discreet incontinence underwear, right? It’s nearly as important as the undergarment’s effectiveness. You want to be clean and dry but don’t want your personal business to be obvious to others.

It’s a tall order to ask for a product that’s highly absorbent, comfortable,and unnoticeable, but such well-rounded incontinence products do exist. We know because we make one of them, and if you ask us – there are none better.

Discreet incontinence pads, underwear, and briefs will maintain a low profile (won’t stick out above your waistband) and will be virtually invisible when worn under average clothing.

9. Choose to Keep More $$$

It’s true that premium incontinence products cost more per box. After all, products such as ours require more research, time, and high-quality materials. However, as you consider your options, remember that a higher cost per box doesn’t mean that you’re spending more money.

Before you think we’ve lost our minds, realize that there’s a different between cost and cost-effective. For instance, many customers spend less money overall when they buy our premium incontinence underwear and briefs because of the high absorption levels and our Two-Piece System.

This Two-Piece System allows you to change only the separate insert pad instead of throwing out your protective underwear or briefs every time you change. In other words, you can change your pad as often as you need to while only replacing your underwear or briefs once or twice a day.

In the long run, you’re changing both pads and undergarments less frequently while also saving money with our Two-Piece System.

10. Soothe Your Skin

Even the best incontinence underwear, briefs, and pads need some extra help protecting your delicate skin, especially if you wear incontinence products round the clock. The constant friction between your body and any disposable undergarments might incite skin irritation. So, what can you do? Try a barrier cream to prevent this problem and give your skin the love it needs.

High-quality barrier creams, like our Formula 2 Skin Care Cream, serve as a protective coating that acts as a buffer between your skin and any type of irritant. Look for a product like ours that also serves as a general moisturizer that can even treat more severe skin conditions.

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