Best Nighttime Incontinence Products for Adults

Aug 24th 2020

Best Nighttime Incontinence Products for Adults

The average adult has plenty of things to worry about when drifting off to sleep at night – and concerns about nighttime incontinence shouldn’t be one of them! If you want to eliminate those worries from your mind, then consider these top four products for beating nighttime leaks. When you’re trying to sleep, it comes down to two major issues: comfort and security. Sure, you want to have both during the day too, but at night it’s most critical. No one wants to attempt sleep while wearing something that’s uncomfortable or irritating, and we certainly don’t want to stare at the ceiling, fearful we’ll awaken to a leaky mess.

So here is a short but informative guide about our best overnight incontinence products. We hope it will give you some direction as you determine what will work best for you.

LivDry Protective Underwear; Leakage Leg Barrier Cuff1. Protective Underwear

If you want an incontinence product that fits like “regular” underwear, then choose our LivDry Protective Underwear over adult diapers. Their clothlike feel and stretch panels mean you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for security (which is extremely important for nighttime incontinence). Additionally, when it’s time to dispose of your Protective Underwear, you can take advantage of the tear-away sides that keep removal clean and simple.

Besides enjoying the comfortable fit while drifting off to dreamland, you’ll also feel more peaceful knowing you’ve got all-round protection against leaks. Our Protective Underwear are available in two absorbency levels for overnight leak protection, which means you can get 70-90 ounces of absorbency power (that’s over 8-11 glasses of water!) from one pair of underwear every night. You know that’s maximum protection, because you can’t even buy an absorbency higher than 90 FL oz.

Even though the absorbency is plenty for your needs, you might wonder about urine leaks while tossing and turning at night, especially if you’re a side sleeper! All our high absorbency products include Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs that capture and hold liquid to keep it where it needs to be.

LivDry Premium Brief2. Premium Briefs

You’ll still get the clothlike feel and breathability that is comfortable and appealing. But these are not pull-up style. Instead, you fasten LivDry Premium Briefs in the front, like an adult diaper. No stiffness. No plasticky feel. You secure these briefs with two sets of tabs angled exactly right to ensure a custom fit. They’re ideal if you have a caregiver who assists in your personal care, because they’re easy for you or someone else to put on or remove. The sturdy tab system ensures that your incontinence briefs remain secure even when moving around in bed.

Like our Protective Underwear, Premium Briefs are made to absorb a full bladder or bowl movement. That’s because both products (and our shaped pads) feature a Super Absorbent Gel Core that absorbs and locks away both liquid and odors. Depending on the size you order, these overnight incontinence briefs hold 60-90 FL oz, which means you can sleep longer, feel drier, and know that you’re protected until morning! Don’t forget that this product also features Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs, which are a must for nighttime incontinence briefs.

LivDry Hyper 2000 Protective Pads3. Shaped Pads

You might be wondering how a pad would make it on a list of the best overnight incontinence products. However, as a stand-alone product, they’re perfect for moderate to heavy leaks when the security of incontinence underwear isn’t needed. But the biggest reason our LivDry Shaped Pads made it to the list is because you can pair them with the previous two products – Protective Underwear and Premium Briefs.

For daytime use, adding a premium incontinence pad to your incontinence underwear or briefs is a lifesaver because you only change the pad after each soiling – and you save money by not having to throw out your underwear or briefs as often. But we’re interested in what works best at night. There’s a huge advantage here as well.

For nighttime incontinence, Shaped Pads give you an extra layer of protection – specifically 20-90 FL oz of extra protection, depending on the type you choose. You still get a Super Absorbent Gel Core and Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs to fight leaks and odor on another level. During the night, it’s hard to say how much absorbency you’ll need. It all depends on how much you drank or when you drank it – as well as some other factors. Our Shaped Pads for incontinence help you feel prepared for the wettest nights.

Additionally, if you wake up and want to change your soiled product, just throw away the pad and insert a new one. It’s quicker, easier, and cheaper – and you can get right back to resting.

LivDry Formula 2 Rectal Cream4. Formula 2 Skin Care Cream

We added this to the list of best nighttime incontinence products, because it’s what keeps your skin balanced, protected, and soothed during the night. Moisture and urine disrupt your skin’s PH balance. A healthy PH allows your skin to ward off bacterial damage. Our Formula 2 Skin Care Cream acts as a barrier to protect your skin from damaging elements and includes a moisturizer to sooth and repair damage.

The need for a barrier cream and moisturizer is especially important for overnight incontinence, because that’s when your skin is undergoes the most exposure to bacteria and skin irritants. We recommend using our skin care cream as a preventative measure at night – and even during the day as needed. However, if you’re already experiencing skin problems, like incontinence dermatitis (see our article on this for more information), then you can use Formula 2 to heal the irritation or skin condition.

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