Men’s Incontinence Underwear: Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right

Men’s Incontinence Underwear: Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right

Dec 7th 2020

Since women develop incontinence at twice the rate of men, it can be tough for guys to figure out where they fit into the dialogue. Even though women are more likely to develop stress incontinence, their male counterparts are actually more prone to urge and overflow incontinence

Bladder leakage is a common problem for men, especially as they age. Bladder symptoms typically begin as the prostate enlarges. Even after prostate surgery, urinary problems and incontinence often remain a concern. You can get details in our article, Everything You Need to Know About Incontinence After Prostate Surgery. Even for younger men, incontinence can pose an issue when dealing with health concerns such as Prostatitis (prostate infections).

So, how do you deal with it? Here are some much-need tips and information about men’s incontinence underwear.

Smiling man takes a break from tennis to enjoy a fruit drinkIncontinence Challenges for Men

The first challenge for men is facing the issue. It’s often easier to hope the situation will improve on its own. In some rare cases that could happen. But more than likely, it is time to learn more about  types of male incontinence, and to talk to your doctor to pinpoint the cause and address underlying issues. 

The second challenge is movement. Male anatomy is prone to shift, which means it’s not enough to target one area for leak protection. You need comprehensive coverage to prevent surprise leaks.

Yes, you can purchase products made just for men, but for many brands, it’s simply a matter of marketing. Their products might sell better when presented as “for men only.” Many of these brands slack in other critical areas, such as absorption and leakage barriers.

Instead, be open to men’s incontinence underwear that works for both genders. These are typically more premium products that include lots of attention to detail. Since we’re totally biased about the benefits of our products, we recommend our LivDry Protective Underwear for all-around leak protection – for men (and for women).

How’s that possible? We’ll get to it. Just keep reading!

Fit: Look for Snug Comfort

Okay, guys – no more loose shorts. You’ll need to adjust to a snug – but comfortable – fit. It’s important to discourage movement down there while having the security of comprehensive protection.

Most quality brands will post detailed sizing charts and instructions for getting the right fit. Our Tye Medical product pages provide these guides, but you’ll need to know your waist size.

You can get an accurate waist measurement by placing a tape measure at the top of one hip bone and wrapping the tape around your body, level with your belly button.

Once you have that number, you can easily find the incontinence underwear size closest to your measurement. Just be sure not to buy a size bigger than what you need.

But don’t worry. A snug fit doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Products like our LivDry brand include features such as cloth-like stretch panels that allow for flexibility and movement. You don’t have to feel restricted by your men’s incontinence underwear.

Absorbency: Look for Quick Absorption at the Right Level

Depending on your level of incontinence, you may need very different products. Terms like "maximum," "ultimate," and "ultra" sound great, but without any context you may have no idea how much the product actually absorbs. Doing a little extra research into the numbers behind the words can go a long way to making sure you find the best fit for  your needs. Additionally, absorbency capacity is one important feature, but if the liquid isn’t also absorbed quickly, you’ll have leaks and skin irritation. If you’ve been disappointed by protective underwear with grand claims about absorbency, then that is probably why. 

Look at product reviews and do a little research if you’re not sure about what to purchase. Endless trial and error testing can get a little pricy and force you to wear incontinence products that aren’t secure or comfortable.

We take absorbency seriously because, without it, nothing else matters. Look for male incontinence underwear that promises premium, quick absorption. Our LivDry brand accomplishes this with a super-absorbent gel core. It locks away both liquid and odors – quickly – leaving your skin clean and dry!

Pair our Protective Underwear with our Shaped Pads to increase absorbency as needed. You’ll find other important benefits when using both products together (and we’ll discuss them more below). We refer to it as our Two-Piece System.

Man asleep on the bed with his arm hanging off the edge of the bed glasses in handSecurity: Look for Leak Barriers

Whether you purchase men’s incontinence underwear that’s marketed only to men—or a product like LivDry that works for men and women – you’re going to want features like our Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs.

So, when anatomy shifts, you don’t have to worry about any surprises. And these aren’t wimpy barriers either. They’re designed with hydrophobic (liquid-repulsing) properties to give you the highest level of protection.

In addition to the leakage barriers, you’ll find ample coverage as the Super Absorbent Gel Core extends far to the front and back of our Protective Underwear. You’ll have coverage where you’ll need it. This is also true for our Shaped Pad inserts that provide broad protection across the front of the pad.

Convenience: Look for Easy Change Features

Protective underwear for men and women pulls up like traditional underwear. But no one wants to take off soiled incontinence underwear the same way they put them on. So be sure the product you buy also has an easy escape.

Our Protective Underwear feature tear-away sides that allow you to easily (and neatly) remove them while standing up or lying down.

Our Two-Piece System also shines when it comes to convenience. Other brands only offer booster pads for men’s incontinence underwear, but their pads pass liquid through to your underwear – meaning you must throw out both when the pad leaks through. That is clearly a limitation, but they can still be a helpful solution when you just want to increase the absorbency of your underwear, say for overnight use.

With our LivDry Shaped Pads, however, you can throw away only the insert pad, because the liquid doesn’t leak through to your underwear. They’re made so that you can change your incontinence underwear less frequently – or just once a day if you want.

Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or spending time with family, you can easily change only your pad. This saves time, hassle, and money.

Illustrated guy holding three yellow blocksShipping: Look for Discreet and Free Shipping Offers

If you’re in a pinch, you can probably swing a quick trip to the corner pharmacy for emergency incontinence underwear. But most of us would rather avoid that. Be sure to stay well-stocked and order from a company that ships in discreet packaging that protects your privacy.

On our Tye Medical website, you’ll find little icons that promise discreet shipping with every product.

It’s also helpful to find a company that gives you a break on shipping costs when you make a reasonable purchase. For example, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $20 when you buy from our online store.

Buy and Compare Men’s Incontinence Underwear

You don’t have to settle for less or be roped in with enticing marketing tactics. If you use these tips, it will be much easier to find the right men’s incontinence underwear for you. Identify two or three products that closely fit the standards in this article, then buy and compare them. We hope you’ll put our Protective Underwear and Shaped Pads to the test.

Try our Two-Piece System

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