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* Designed for use with Protective Underwear/Briefs/Net Pants * Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs; Highest Protection Against Leaks * Super Absorbent Gel Core * Cloth-like Feel and Comfortable fit * Cost Savings and Waste Reduction
$26.00 - $37.00

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The Tye Medical LivDry Shaped Pads are the best pads for incontinence and a  perfect choice to use if you are a normal to heavy incontinence sufferer and mostly for use with the 2-piece system.

Compared to using pullups, which require complete changing over and over throughout the day as it gets wet... the 2-piece system requires only the replacement of the pad piece. This is generally considered to be easier, less expensive and creates less waste.

These pads maintain a cloth-like feel and a flexible, durable design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for absorption – when placed correctly into a diaper, protective underwear, or even briefs, these pads remain out of the way and unnoticeable – until they’re needed. They lock away odors, fluid, and prevent leakage, allowing milder incontinence issues to be taken care of with a simple, subtle product.

The Tye Medical LivDry Shaped Pad is available in 5 types, offering from 20 fl oz of protection to 80 fl oz of protection, making it a perfect choice whether you’re looking for daytime, everyday needs or long-term overnight protection.

Why Choose LivDry Incontinence Pads

In Choosing the best incontinence pads for your needs you should take into consideration the characteristics of the pads and what will assist you with getting through each day comfortably. Comfort is one of the most important features of the LivDry shaped pad. The goal is to feel as though you are not wearing them, as opposed to feeling them every time you stand up or take a walk. Even the leg cuffs that prevent leakage around your inner thighs will maintain comfort with movement while keeping you dry. The livDry shaped pads not only maintain dryness during consistent activity but they also maintain their moisture absorbing qualities during times if immobility like bed restriction or during sleep. The leg cuffs on the LivDry Shaped pad create a kind of wall that presses against the leg to prevent leakage if the person is particularly it’s helpful if you’re lying down.

Absorbency is another essential feature that must be considered. Staying dry while capturing leaks is essential to prevent any discomfort in that area or embarrassment. Our shaped incontinence pads are infused with the latest in absorbency technology that allows them to capture all the fluid and still give the customer the ability to change the pad successfully, maintaining that dry atmosphere all day. Our best incontinence pads are leading in absorbency technology and make them one of the best options for customers in need of them. The fast absorb layer in the  livDry shaped Pad quickly pulls in the liquid and channels it down “troughs” to spread the liquid evenly over the next layers which are slower-absorbing but higher max absorbency level.  By maximizing the surface area in this way, the pad doesn’t overload in any one spot, and even if there is some overflow due to particularly heavy incontinence, the leg cuffs will keep overflows contained until the liquid can be absorbed.

With our shaped incontinence pads, we understand that one size does not fit all of our customers, and we want to offer this protection to all of those who need it, by offering sizes up to XXL. These pads are also shaped to accommodate our customers who need more coverage than others. By using the 2-piece system, all customers are able to manage this coverage throughout the day comfortably, which is much more convenient to carry to the restroom and build upon the discreteness of the shaped incontinence pads.

Not only is your comfort considered during the design of these pads but also the emotional health of our customers. It is our desire to offer pads that can be purchased and carried discreetly to and from the restroom without bringing attention to them. Having the 2-piece system makes changing them easier throughout the day as you need without anyone knowing what you are doing. Not having to change the entire brief with each restroom visit keeps our customers from carrying bulky briefs and drawing attention. Not to mention, the product waste of this system is minimized, making it much more environmentally friendly than other options, which is another reason to choose Tye Medical LivDry Shaped Pads when seeking the best incontinence pads available.

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  • 5
    Best pad ever

    Posted by Duane Harper on Mar 22nd 2021

    I ordered the 1600 best pad I've ever used keeps it's shape never sags or leaks if I had too order over again wish I had ordered the 2000

  • 5
    Super absorbent

    Posted by Gema on Mar 16th 2021

    Good product, super absorbent, ideal for the night and long days.

  • 5
    Thank you for offering these. They are re best I've found so far.

    Posted by Gail on Mar 9th 2021

    PLan to buy again. Worth every penny

  • 4
    Great protection

    Posted by Carrie on Feb 11th 2021

    My mom got some samples of these for my grandparents but they couldn't use them. She thought I would like them because I had been trying to find a system that would prevent rashes from traditional pads. I have very sensitive skin and I get yeast infections if I am not careful. Using these pads with netted underwear, I haven't had a single yeast infection! They don't irritate much at all - just in the inside of my legs which diaper cream takes care of and it's minimal.

  • 5
    Great absorption shaped pads

    Posted by Judy Kalmey on Feb 9th 2021

    I insert the shaped pad inside the overnight brief for MAXIMUM protection at night !!!!!!!!!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Duane Harper on Jan 28th 2021

    I love these pads because they are so asorbent and don't have too change main product while I'm out great service fast delivery recommend too any one

  • 5
    I use the livdry hyper 2000 plus shaped pads 14.5 X 26.9 night 80 fluid ounces.

    Posted by Randy Zimmer on Nov 26th 2019

    I use the livdry hyper 2000 plus shaped pads 14.5 X 26.9 night 80 fluid ounces. I use 2 cases every month because I have total loss of bowel and bladder and I go heavy due to severe nerve damage and I take a water pill for my heart so makes me go more. Can not tell when I go so these pads work perfect for me and works well at bedtime using the liv-dry diaper too. No more leaks at night and I do not need to change during the night so I sleep better. I would recommend this to anyone who needs the best protection out there.

  • 5
    I was impressed with the size medium had a great fit

    Posted by Carnifex on Feb 20th 2019

    I was impressed with the size medium had a great fit and got multiple uses until I ran out of pads for the diaper but I do have some booster pads so I used them and it worked good great fit and tabs no leaks and no saggy diapers when I get the money will purchase hopefully the underwear will provide the protection I am looking for the day wetting I am looking forward to trying it out

  • 5
    I like the pads but did not like the briefs.

    Posted by Perry on Nov 22nd 2018

    I like the pads but did not like the briefs. The pads did not flow thru like I thought they would but very absorbent . Love the hyper plus