Washi Disposable Placemats

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short description:
Disposable placemats featuring beautiful traditional designs
key point 1:
*Traditional Washi paper for authentic texture and look
key point 2:
*High-quality bamboo chopsticks won't splinter
key point 3:
*Disposable for easy cleanup
key point 4:
*Perfect for a party or cultural event
key point 5:
*Variety of unique Japanese motifs

TYE Trading disposable washi placemats are perfect for bringing a splash of authentic Japanese beauty to a party or themed luncheon. Placemats are made of traditional Washi paper, which is made from the fibres of the paper mulberry plant. They are are soaked in clear river water, thickened, and then filtered through a bamboo screen before layering the delicate fibers to make the soft paper. The disposable chopsticks are made from high quality natural bamboo that will feel smooth and not splinter.