Antibacterial Hand Soap

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Mild, antibacterial hand soap with a fresh clean scent. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- * Aloe Vera Leaf Extract * Benzethonium Chloride (0.13) * Multiple Easy-Dispense Options * Cleans & Moisturizes Hands * Pleasant, Fresh Scent
$10.99 - $13.99

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McKesson Antibacterial Hand Soap contains benzethonium chloride to decrease the amount of bacteria on the skin. The gentle formulation helps to clean and moisturize hands, and provides effective infection prevention by reducing the possibility of cross-contamination and inhibiting bacterial growth.

The antibacterial formulations lather richly to thoroughly clean hands. The fresh herbal scented hand soap formula includes Aloe Vera, promoting moisture retention and softer skin, even with repeated use. 

McKesson Antibacterial Hand Soap is non-allergenic and non-sensitizing. 100% Latex-free.

Made in the USA.