Choosing the Best Protective Underwear for Adults


What Type of Products Can I Wear for Urinary Incontinence?

If you experience loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence) or occasional bladder leaks, you want protection designed to meet your needs. When it comes to incontinence products, there are three basic types: 

          • Incontinence Pads
          • Protective Underwear
          • Briefs (often referred to as adult “diapers”)

Pads are a viable option for light incontinence protection, especially if you’re not as active. In these cases, you can try our Ultra-Thin Pads

But if you’re like many people with incontinence, you require a higher level of leak protection for moderate or heavy incontinence. You can choose either protective underwear that pulls on like regular underwear or briefs that fasten in the front. When you buy from TYE Medical, each of these products holds 40-90 fl. oz without any additional insert pad. 

Protective Underwear


This type of incontinence underwear gives you the absorbency and protection you need with a fit that is closest to regular underwear. You pull them on, and when it’s time to remove them, you pull them down or take advantage of the tearaway sides for more efficient disposal. 

Protective underwear comes in a range of absorbencies, from light to heavy. LivDry protective underwear has three types, suitable for moderate to severe incontinence. 

Incontinence Briefs


Briefs are another type of disposable incontinence underwear, but they offer more convenience in terms of removal. The front fasteners make putting on or removing the briefs quick and easy, even for caregivers. While premium products are more discreet, briefs, in general, are somewhat more obvious under clothing than protective underwear. 

What Is the Best Underwear for Incontinence?


Not all incontinence underwear is created equal. You’ll find there are many different brands with different levels of quality and varying features. So, even when you decide which type of product you need, you’ll still have some decisions to make concerning your purchase

Features to Look for in Protective Underwear

Absorbency: You’ll want to choose a highly absorbent product. Even if your leaks are light to moderate, the liquid must be absorbed quickly and pulled away from your skin to keep you clean and dry. 

Tearaway sides: When it’s time to change, you’ll appreciate the option to remove soiled underwear quickly and easily. 

Leak barrier cuffs: Unless you plan to keep your body straight up and down all day and night, you’ll want to select a product with leakage barriers around the legs, an area prone to leaks. 

Cloth-like stretch panels: You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable just because you have incontinence. Buy protective underwear that features side stretch panels to give you a snug but comfortable fit. This also makes it easier to pull on the underwear. 

Range of sizes and absorbenciesThe best made incontinence underwear in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the proper fit or absorbency level. Look for a brand that offers sizing from extra small to 3X large, if needed. Then, read the size chart for the products you are interested in – size “Small” in one brand could be a “Medium” in another, so be sure to check where your measurements fall on the chart. And don’t settle for protective underwear that doesn’t provide light enough or heavy enough protection for your needs. 

Features to Look for in Incontinence Briefs

Absorbency: Since most people who wear briefs require moderate to heavy absorbency, it’s even more critical for the moisture to be quickly absorbed and locked away from the skin. 

Secure front fastening: Look for products with secure front fastening, which is more crucial than you might think. After all, these tabs are all that’s holding up your briefs!  

Leak barrier cuffs: Even with briefs, you want protection from leaks around the legs that often happen when your body is shifted in one direction. 

Custom-fit: The front fastening tabs allow for a personalized fit that ensures optimal leak protection. You can adjust the tabs to create the perfect fit. 

Breathability: Shop for incontinence briefs that aren’t plasticky and stiff.  Not only does this add to your discomfort and make the product less discreet, but it also decreases breathability. To stay dry and maintain healthier skin “down there,” you need breathable material that’s more cloth-like. 

How Do I Choose the Right Incontinence Underwear for Me? 


If you’re searching for the right disposable incontinence product, consider these three factors: 

          • Your needs and lifestyle
          • Product features (as outlined above)
          • Cost-effectiveness

Which Type of Incontinence Underwear Best Suits Your Lifestyle?

Choose Protective Underwear if: 

          • You have light to heavy leaks
          • You can change your own underwear
          • Prefer a “regular” underwear style
          • Require a more discreet fit 

Choose Premium Briefs if: 

          • You have moderate to heavy leaks
          • Require assistance with changes
          • Prefer front tab fasteners
          • Wear looser clothing

What Is the Best Brief or Diaper for Overnight Use? 

Our Protective Underwear provides excellent overnight protection, but many caregivers want to know about the best diaper-style option for those long nights. We recommend caregivers try our Premium Briefs available in several sizes and absorbencies. 

You get all the advantages of a premium product, including leakage barrier leg cuffs and breathability, combined with the convenience of front-fastening tabs. This custom-fit product provides 40-50 ounces of absorbency when used without an insert pad. 

For increased overnight protection, you can use our Premium Briefs with our Shaped Pads. (See information about our two-piece system below.)

Two-Piece System Increases Cost-Effectiveness

Overall cost is always a factor when you buy incontinence underwear. But you’ve probably noticed that cheaper isn’t always better. Not only are cheaper underwear more prone to leaking, but they also fill up more quickly and require more frequent changes. 

In short, you spend more money overall. 

With our two-piece system, you wear leak-proof insert pads inside our Premium Briefs or Protective Underwear to bolster absorbency or reduce the number of times you change your brief each day. 

Unlike traditional booster pads, our Shaped Pads won’t pass liquid through to your brief or underwear. Once you’ve soiled the pad, you can throw it away while a clean and dry brief remains. Not only does it save money, making it more cost-effective, but it’s also more convenient, especially for caregivers. You can quickly change the pad without a total change. 

Why Buy Incontinence Underwear Online? 


Convenience: Online shoppers love the convenience of click-and-ship purchasing, and it’s no different when it comes to incontinence underwear. You don’t have to travel or stand in line, and you’re not limited to the brands lining the shelves. 

Discreet browsing: When purchasing your protective underwear and briefs through our online store, you have the luxury to browse leisurely and privately. No more awkwardly trolling the store aisles or grabbing the same-old brand you’ve always used because it’s quicker and less embarrassing than comparison shopping. You have time to consider your options.

Discreet shipping: You might be wondering about embarrassing deliveries. But with TYE Medical, you always get discreet shipping with non-descript packaging. This means your neighbors never have to know your business. 

Auto-ship options: You don’t have to worry about your disposable incontinence underwear not making it to your shopping list. Choose from five different automatic delivery options ranging from weekly to quarterly. Of course, you’re always able to choose one-time delivery. 

Same-day shipping options: If you haven’t set up auto-ship options and forgot to place an order, you can also get same-day shipping on orders placed before 2 pm. 

Friendly, available customer support: Reaching our support staff is often far easier than finding an associate in a brick-and-mortar store. Our customer support professionals are on standby to take your call or converse through our online chat window. If you have product-related questions and need help deciding on the best incontinence products for your needs, they’re ready to answer your questions. With TYE Medical, you’ll always speak to a real human, not a bot or machine.   

Buying Incontinence Underwear Online: Knowing Your Options and Getting It Right


Without the right size, absorbency, features, and quality, you’ll experience more frequent leaks and lots of disappointment. So, take your time and survey your options. Put TYE Medical’s LivDry brand to the test. 

Ask yourself these questions as you consider your options: 

          • Which brand has the best premium features while offering overall cost-effectiveness? 
          • Which product gives you the most breathability and quick absorption? 
          • Does the incontinence underwear have leak barriers around the legs? 
          • Do tabs fasten securely in the front? Are there tearaway sides? 
          • Do you have leak-proof insert pad options? 
          • Are you able to purchase a size that fits you snugly? 
          • Does the protective underwear have stretchy side panels? 
          • Are there discreet shipping and auto-ship options? 

You’ll find that our Protective Underwear and Premium Briefs check all the boxes. To help you choose between them and get the perfect fit, check out our Product Finder.

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