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Soft, absorbent flow-through pads for additional absorbency in wearable incontinence products. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Designed for use with Protective Underwear/Briefs * Super Absorbent Gel Core * Cloth-like Feel and Comfortable fit * Stackable for custom absorption level * Adhesive strip for secure protection

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LivDry Unisex Booster Pads are passthrough pads, and are NOT suitable for use as part of the Two-Piece System. They are designed to add extra absorbency to wearable adult incontinence products such as Briefs or Protective Underwear. The added absorbency minimizes changes, especially at night.

The fast-absorbing upper layer in LivDry Booster Pads quickly pulls in the liquid and channels it down “troughs” to spread the liquid evenly over the maximum absorbency Super Absorbent Gel Core. The rapid absorption prevents overloading any one part of the pad and leaves the top layer dry to the touch – protecting you from skin irritation and Urinary Tract Infections. The flow-through design quickly absorbs liquid, filling to capacity, and then passes additional fluids to the brief or protective underwear. Changing the booster pad keeps skin more comfortable and extends use of the protective underwear.

This design prevents rashes and UTIs by keeping the skin dryer, reduces waste by reducing the frequency of changes, and saves you money. We designed the booster pads to be easy to use and more comfortable than other incontinence products. LivDry’s latex-free adult booster pads are made of skin-friendly, breathable materials with a soft, cloth-like top sheet, making them more comfortable for all-day usage.

Single Regular length booster pad can hold 17 fluid ounces, and Long has 23 ounce absorption capacity. The pads can be stacked for a custom amount of absorbency for different levels of need. A sticky strip on the bottom of the pad lets it stay in place wherever you need it. For ideal positioning we recommend: higher in front for men, more centered for women, or more towards the back for ease of bowel clean-up. Sleep soundly through the night knowing you are protected with the superior absorbency of LivDry Booster Pads for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

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3 Reviews

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    They are unnecessarily long and do not even have a moisture barrier so everything underneath the pad gets wetso

    Posted by Cecile Sangiamo on Aug 30th 2021

    They are unnecessarily long and do not even have a moisture barrier so everything underneath the pad gets wets

  • 5
    really like them so much easier tp put on

    Posted by sally kardes on Aug 16th 2021

    we are really pleased with this product

  • 5
    Liv Dry Booster Pads

    Posted by Gloria C on Jul 22nd 2021

    These are terrific. No longer have to change husband in the middle of the night. Booster pads do exactly as they advertise on the package. Liked them so much I ordered a case. Great product, and so glad to have found them.