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Briefs,Shop,Two-Piece System,Two-Piece System/2PS Outer Layers
Protective & Discreet - Providing Comfortable Fit and Maximum Leak Protection, Insert Pads Optional. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- * Leakage Barrier Leg Cuffs for Highest Protection Against Leaks * Cloth-like Feel * Secure Tab Closure * Designed for use with our Shaped Pads * Cost Savings and Waste Reduction with the Two Piece System

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TYE Medical LivDry Premium Briefs allow for maximum leakage protection and high absorption – yet are created with a cloth-like feel that is not at all stiff or plasticky. These incontinence briefs are fully breathable, allowing for underwear-like comfort while still providing maximum leakage protection.

The hook and loop tape tab design is key to understanding the powerful leakage protection that our Unisex Premium Briefs offer. This high-quality securing method allows for a custom fit – two tabs on the bottom are attached first at upward angles, providing a secure hold, while two top tabs are angled downward, ensuring maximum grip, and that the custom-fit Premium Incontinence Briefs for men and women will be comfortable and secure against leaks. Innovative hydrophobic (liquid-repelling) leakage barrier leg cuffs complete the leakproof system by sealing to your legs and preventing leaks even when laying down.

The performance of LivDry Premium Briefs is also fantastic – these incontinence briefs are appropriate for absorption of a full bladder void or containment of a bowel movement. Absorbency for Small and Medium incontinence briefs is 40 fluid ounces. Large incontinence briefs can absorb up to 50 fluid ounces.

If further protection against leakage and absorption is required, these incontinence briefs can also be easily paired with TYE Medical LivDry Shaped Pads. These full-coverage pads are designed specifically to fit easily within the LivDry Premium Brief as part of a Two-Piece system. By using both in concert, you can boost absorbency by 20-95 ounces, depending on the size of pad chosen and your specific requirements. This system allows you to continue wearing one Brief all day long, and simply change out the non-passthrough pad as needed throughout the day. Fewer changes saves you time and money compared to always changing the brief.

For a more absorbent Brief, please try our LivDry MegaBrief Plus, with up to 150 ounces of absorbency!

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