Types of Underwear for Bladder Leaks



Now that you decided underwear for bladder leaks is the best defense against your incontinence symptoms, you’re probably wondering—what next? You still have some choices to make. After all, many brands and styles line store shelves and fill the digital marketplace.

Do you need reusable incontinence underwear or disposable? And what is semi-reusable incontinence underwear? Should you wear a pad too? This resource page will cover all these questions and cover features that will affect your purchasing decision.

Types of Underwear for Bladder Leaks


The first choice you’ll need to make when buying underwear for bladder leaks is whether to use a disposable product—or not. It’s a matter of personal preference. Consider each of these options and then decide which is most comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective for you.

Reusable Incontinence Underwear

They look and feel like regular underwear and are made of cloth material, but they contain an absorbent, washable pad built into the underwear. Although each pair is more expensive than disposable products, you save money long-term because you only buy a limited number for reuse.

The downside is obvious: you must wash soiled underwear. This is, of course, not always pleasant, and storing them until the next washday is tricky. Depending on how often and how much you leak, you might need several pairs of washable incontinence underwear a day, which increases the initial investment.

Disposable Incontinence Underwear

This is the most common type of underwear for bladder leaks. It’s what lines the shelves in grocery stores and big-box retail outlets. The entire product is made to throw away with each soil. It’s simpler, neater, more appealing, and convenient.

But disposable incontinence underwear is also the most expensive way to manage your bladder leaks. You’ll need to determine if a cost-effective product is important to you.

TYE Medical offers disposable incontinence underwear with absorbencies ranging from moderate to heavy. However, we recommend that you pair them with our insert pads, making them semi-reusable and more affordable. (More on that below.)

Features to look for when buying disposable underwear for bladder leaks:

          • Clothlike feel
          • Fast-absorbing gel core (wicks away moisture)
          • Leakage barrier leg cuffs
          • Tearaway sides
          • Discreet

Semi-reusable Incontinence Underwear

This is the best incontinence underwear option if you don’t want to throw out your disposable underwear with every soil. You still benefit from completely disposable underwear for bladder leaks but can throw away your underwear when you choose. TYE Medical’s LivDry brand accomplishes this through our Two-Piece System, which pairs our incontinence underwear with our Shaped Pads.

These specialty pads have a waterproof backing that prevents liquid from passing through to your incontinence underwear. After soiling, you throw away the insert pad instead of the underwear. With each change, you simply replace the pad. This gives you the best of both worlds, a more affordable and completely disposable product. You can use our Shaped Pads with our Protective Underwear or our Premium Briefs (tab-style closure, also called adult diapers).

Semi-reusable incontinence underwear (or the Two-Piece System) are best for moderate to heavy leaks. More frequent changes add up to greater cost savings, and it will be more convenient to replace the pad only.

Do Adult Diapers Provide More Protection?


Whether you choose TYE Medical’s LivDry incontinence underwear or adult diapers, you’ll have all the protection you need. Our underwear for bladder leaks (Protective Underwear) offers 42-90 fluid ounces of protection without a Shaped Pad and much more when you use one.

Our brand of adult diapers (or incontinence briefs) provides 40-50 fluid ounces of protection, depending on the size. But again, our briefs are designed to be used with the Two-Piece System, which adds 20-95 fluid ounces depending on the type of Shaped Pad you choose.

So how do you choose between these two options?

Caregivers often prefer adult diapers because of the front-fastening tabs that make changes more convenient for both of you. You can also get a custom fit with briefs since you can tighten the front closures to your specific needs.

But if you manage your own incontinence products or are more active, you might prefer incontinence underwear like LivDry Protective Underwear. This type of underwear for bladder leaks wears like regular underwear while also providing more discreet protection, even when you’re active and on the go.

Making the Best Choice for You


Choosing the best incontinence underwear for you will likely boil down to three considerations: cost, convenience, and style preference. Because we believe semi-reusable products are the most cost-effective option, we encourage you to try out our Two-Piece System before throwing out your underwear with every change.

Our disposable or semi-reusable Protective Underwear delivers all the features necessary to keep you comfortable, dry, and secure. But if you’re still uncertain, try using the Product Finder Tool on our website.


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